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MerMade is an artist and craftswoman from the West Coast. She has been making and selling her work in local markets and shows since she was young.

She considers herself something of a scavenger, collecting pieces and small treasures that are incorporated into future artworks. She enjoys upcycling, collecting vintage items, and transforming seemingly unrelated parts into a beautiful whole that invites others to participate in exploration of the work.

She creates as a means of personal expression and to allow people to become engaged in a way that will continue to challenge their perceptions of the art, opening new meanings with every collaged word or image.

MerMade currently lives on Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Canada. It's also known as the Isle of the Arts and she is an active participant in the creative community there.

For the first time her work is available Online, as she hopes to reach a wider audience for her one-of-a-kind art.